our history

Fickle started with a love of quality skateboards. Lew Ross cut his teeth on strong skateboards back in the mid 80's with good concaves and classic contours.

when the industry outsourced everything abroad in the 1990s, board quality dropped. It didn't take long for the lifespan of a deck to fall to 2 weeks maximum. Promotional videos glorified snapping decks, and kids scrambled in hopes for sponsorship and fame. Lew went and did slappies and ollies for a decade, by himself, always looking to find a brand pressed on the strong wood he remembered from his younger days.

In 2008 Fickle Boards was born, on wood pressed by a smaller factory, located within driving distance of Cincinnati. Picking up our orders meant the relationship would be about quality and integrity. by 2009 our demand for decks wasn't able to be met, and a decision had to be made. Lew cut the apron strings and began a journey of re-inventing the skateboard press on lower tech mechanics. What resulted was some of the highest quality skateboard wood we have ever seen, on molds that Lew crafted with his own hands.

Every Fickle Board is not only a work of art, it is a testimony to the hope that skateboards, and skateboard making can have soul again.
Actions speak louder than words. Quality Laminate. Hand-rendered Concaves. Timeless shapes. Enduring value. Skateboards as a vehicle for your life.